Minggu, 25 November 2018

Synergy in the Watershed Management: Case Study on Citarum Watershed - Indonesia

By Sam'un Jaja Raharja (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Padjadjaran University Bandung - International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention,   Volume 4 Issue 3)

Watershed is a common and open-ended property. Watershed is a property for many parties, both individuals and organizations who have interests of its existence. As open property, each party can freely enter and exit, according to their interests without responsible for maintaining the watershed’s conditions. Condition of watershed can result complex or even conflict. Because each party has different perceptions, interests, and even conflict each other As common and open property, the watershed require joint management. Co-management becomes increasingly important because of watershed flows beyond administrative, territory and authority boundaries of organizations. Watershed management require a new approach which is able to reach out many parties, individuals, organizations and governments. Collaborative approach as a new approach, in contrast with New Public Management approach is emphasizing in property management which is involving multiple parties or organizations, both governmental, private and also community organizations. Case analysis on management of Citarum Watershed shows the complexity of issues of watershed management. In managing the complexity of watershed is need the implementation of collaborative approach which is able to realize the impact of watershed management.

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