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Cascade Reservoirs Optimization in Citarum River Indonesia

By Reni Mayasari & Budy Gunady (Jasa Tirta II Public Corporation, Indonesia - Hydropower15 Stravanger, Norway 15 – 16 June 2015)

Hydropower’s located in the three cascade reservoirs are all situated on the Citarum River in West Java, the upper two reservoirs Saguling and Cirata are single purpose dam that operated for hydropower production, while the downstream reservoir, Ir. H. Djuanda has to meet the water supply requirements as a multipurpose dam, therefore optimize operation of these three reservoirs is necessary for maximizes dependable water to meet several needs with existing limitation. Reservoirs operated by means of rule curve that relates storage and time. Several curves can be applied at the same time depending on the position of the next periods of the release that are taken. The dynamic programming method as a famous and classic method to optimize a reservoir system was chosen to applied. This method is possible to decide under uncertainty with in the most optimal “path” of reservoir level. The rule curves produced had been optimized with respect to power production in the system. At the same time monthly target storage was derived with respect to flood protection and water supply for all purposes. Different purposes and various operators on managing reservoir operation induce conflict of interests. Optimization method cannot always be applied considering the complexity of constraints that must be adopted. To overcome of these limitations the policies are brought about in the form of coordination forum, and optimization is conducted by simulation and sometimes without optimizing the hydropower production.

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